Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Clean and Hygienic in Manchester

Without a five-star hygiene rating, any pub or restaurant can struggle to attract new customers. Make sure that your establishment is in great condition with our kitchen and canopy cleaning. At Smart Clean UK, we are able to provide one-off kitchen cleans as well as maintenance cleaning programmes for clients throughout Manchester. To discover more about our kitchen cleaning, or our commercial carpet cleaning, give our helpful team a call.

Making Your Kitchen Shine

When you choose our commercial kitchen cleaning service, you can expect the entire room to be left spotless. Working from top to bottom, our deep kitchen clean covers the ceiling, ducting, fans, canopy, walls, ovens, grills, and fryers. One of the most important features of our kitchen cleaning is the removal of grease, food debris, and carbon, which can all build up in food areas. This helps to reduce the risk of pest infection while also minimising the likelihood of a fire occurring.

Cleaning Extractor Hoods and Canopies

Many people underestimate how important extractor cleaning is, but many problems can arise from an unclean system. For example, an extractor fan could become noisier and less efficient if it’s blocked with dirt and grease. However, more importantly, we can reduce health risks and the potential for a fire to occur. Using a wide range of cleaning machines and degreasers, as well as manual labour, our cleaners will remove the grease and grime from the extractor hood. Then, we will clean the canopy both internally and externally, paying particular attention to the filters and drip trays.

Frequency of Cleaning

Although regular cleaning is advised at all times, the recommended interval for comprehensive cleans depends on your usage of the kitchen. Our advice is as follows:

  • Heavy Use (12 to 16 Hours per Day) – Quarterly
  • Moderate Use (6 to 12 Hours per Day – Half Yearly
  • Light Use (2 to 6 Hours per Day) – Yearly





Contact us now, in Manchester, for further details about our kitchen and canopy cleaning services.